Animation Inspiration is a blog for fans and students of hand-drawn animation (2-D pencil test animation) and sketches. Random Drawings range from quick sketches, cartoons, comic panels to finished illustrations. The Animated Stills section contains animated scenes with key drawings (drawings in sequence). Print and flip book them as much as you want for free.
If you’re a student of animation, these scenes can be studied like a flip book.

On the TIPS page I will share some of my ideas and knowledge to explain how I go about my way of animating a scene step by step and hopefully helping students of this wonderful art form to get a better
understanding of the process.

Check out Animated Movies for little videos of animated scenes, or what some people call animations.

Enjoy! And please use these pages as a resource for enjoyment, learning and inspiration.

Wayne Carlisi

P.S.: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

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