Oct 21, 2012


Answer to Rebecca's question,"What should I focus on drawing, for animation?"

Draw anything to everything.

I recommend taking a lot of figure drawing classes.
Learn how the human form works from head to toe.
Do long pose studies and lots and lots of short quick gestural drawings
that are from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. (The more you can say with fewer lines the better.)

When I draw in my sketch book, I draw what ever I feel like.
Everything frosimple line drawings to squares to dots to more finish drawings to anything.
Sometimes I have it in my head and other times I'll just start putting down shape to get going.

Remember the sketch book is for you to explore and try different things.
It's not your portfolio, it's the thing that makes your  portfolio stronger.

Most of the drawings below are out of my sketch book.

                                                                                                 Hope this helps to answer your question.


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