Aug 31, 2012

straight ahead animation

Here's a scene I had animated in my early years. It is straight ahead, NOT pose to pose. 
Over all I wasn't that pleased with it, but learned a lot from  the spontaneous thinking that went into it after it was done. I was having a problem at the time with my work looking too stiff, so I decided to just go for it and not worry about the so called proper way to animate. I highly recommend straight ahead approach when you are first starting out. Flip your drawings constantly as you work and you will get an intuitive feeling for the action timing and acting you had in mind. Don't worry about the drawings as you go along, just provide enough information to describe what you want or feel is needed.
After doing this for a while you will get a better understanding of the pose to pose method.
I started seeing the key poses in my head better after some time, then slowly worked over to the pose to pose method, not to say that I don't still use straight ahead on parts of the scene that are crazy actions. (From what I've herd, Wollie Rithermen of the 9 old men only worked straight ahead).
The problem with straight ahead is the control of your volumes and acting of your work, but if you're just starting out and feel your work is a bit stiff, I believe this to be your best approach.
What the hell, give it a shot, the only thing lost is a little bit of time.
Hope this will help.   PRINT and FLIP!

         I'll try to find this scene and show it as a movie.


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