Aug 13, 2012

rugrat with tips

This is a layout that was done for "The Rugrats Movie".
This is more of a pose test than a standard layout because of the breakdowns that were added.
On some of the scenes, the directors would ask for more information in drawings so when the scene
was sent over seas they could get it to look more like what they had envisioned. Sometimes when you
sent a more basic layout, the artist would just follow the key layout drawings without any breakdowns.
This is no criticism of the artist. Those poor people didn't have the greatest work environment.
If you take out the breakdowns this would be more of your standard layout scene or keys.

For the student of animation, look how the key and breakdown drawings describe
the over all animation. This scene with charts would be all that the animator would need to hand off
 to an assistant animator to be completed. If you wanted to do more of the full classic type of
animation, you would simply put in more breakdowns around the key poses. The "key" poses
are the "key" to your scenes.

Hope this makes sense

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